About us

We are an internet marketing company based in the North of England.
We offer a wide range of services relating to web design and search engine optimisation. We specialise in getting traffic through to your website which will ultimately result in conversions and profit, talk to a sales advisor today to see what we can do for you.

Our Services

Bespoke products


Innovative, fresh, unique approaches to age old problems.

Online marketing is a tough business, every company wants to be found and every company wishes to be at the top of the search page. Unfortunately, it's common knowledge that most people will never venture beyond the first page of listings.

Luckily we at Sharps Media Group keep a tight watch on Google's algorithm changes and consistently utilise techniques to keep you ahead of your competition.

We now live in a place where almost everyone in the world has instant and unlimited access to information whenever they want and wherever they are.
A business wishing to attract and retain customers in such a fluid market needs to stay up to date on the net.

Sharps Media Group will help you properly represent your business online, attain rankings that will attract customers and get you found, and more importantly, noticed on the worlds biggest search engine.

Bespoke products to get you found online

Here at Sharps Media Group we can help pinpoint and identify any issues your website may be having, or any areas in which we can improve it. This allows us to then suggest which product is best suited for your specific needs. We also offer professional web design services as well as speedy hosting with a guaranteed 98%+ uptime.

Premium Domain Names

We specialise in finding great domain names that can be used to supplement your online marketing portfolio or just act as an easy to remember and catchy domain name for your customers. Get in touch today to find out if we have something suited to your business.

Reliable Web Hosting

We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host all of our websites and services which means you know you are getting the very best, used by the likes of Netflix, Samsung and Amazon this solution to web hosting has been found to be reliable, fast and scalable to our customers needs.

Web Design

We offer bespoke, professional web design services and can meet any requirements you may have. From fancy sliders to animated sections and CMS (Content Management Systems) we offer a wide range of web design related products to help you get up and running online.


Our bespoke software, Geo-Targeted Sites offer a unique way to get found for multiple services in multiple areas. Contact one of our sales executives today for more information and to see what packages we can tailor to your custom requirements.